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Traditional Style Tattoo

Mobile Tattoo Shop Traditional

At the Tattoo Shop in Mobile, Traditional Tattoos are one of our favorites.

Characterized by bold lines and bright colors that can be seen from far, these tattoos definitely make a statement.

Portait Tattoos

Portait Tattoo Mobile Alabama

Portrait Tattoos, also called Realism Tattoos, are, essentially, photographs tattooed to skin. The picture should look identical to tattoo, therefore to get a portrait tattoo done properly, you artist needs to be HIGHLY skilled. Luckily, at the Tattoo Shop, we have a few artists who specialism in Realism

Neo-Traditional Tattoo

Neo-Traditional Tattoo in Mobile Alabama

Looking for a tattoo that makes a bold statement, but doesn’t corner quite fit the mold of a Traditional Tattoo?

Neo-Traditional is your thing then!

Lines thicker than your thighs, Bold Colors, and a wow factor that draws eyes to your new piece!

Words and Quotes Tattoo

Lettering Tattoo Mobile Tattoo Shop

All of us here have at least 1 tattoo that is strictly words. Putting important quotes, feelings, or names on you is probably the most loving things you can do for someone beyond giving them your lung or kidney 😉

You pick the font, style, and we will match it to your liking.

The Piercings that Our Mobile Tattoo Shop Offers:

Piercings in Mobile Alabama

Ever though.. Hmmm My Lip, Nose, Ears, Eye Brow, or Nipple would look 10X better if I stuck some metal through it?

(Hint, we have too)

Come in today to get one of those areas done, any other place.. you have to get done elsewhere.

When getting yoru piercing, you can either buy your jewelry from us or visit to get high quality jewelry

We will not pierce you and have you put cheap jewelry on.