First Time Getting A Tattoo?

First Time Getting a Tattoo?

So this might be your first time thinking of getting a tattoo and you’re worried about the pain that can come from it.

First off,  that is completely understandable. Having needles puncture your skin appears to be like taking a knife and poking you over and over again… the good news is…

That it’s not exactly like that.

But sort of.

First, we need to give you a bit of an anatomy lesson.

First Time Tattoo Mobile Alabama

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You have 3 Layers of Skin, The Epidermis, Dermis, and Subcutaneous layer.

Bad bad cuts, go through the Dermis, and can get into the Subcutaneous layer, Tons of pain, Nerves, are all down there.

When getting a tattoo, it doesn’t go that far.

The Epidermis is the top layer, this is the stuff we can feel, that hair grows through.

It is shed reguarly as to protect your body from the sun, cold, heat, all that good stuff

The dermis is where the needles in tattooing go.

If the needle only gets through the Epidermis, over the course of a couple of months the tattoo would completely disappear similarly like a temporary, watered down tattoo would.

So what needle’s do is penetrate the second layer of the skin to keep the ink from going to the surface, and fading away.

Every time the needles hit the skin it places pigment in the cells below it so that it permenantly stays that way, and over time it fades due to the body eating away at the pigment that is placed there (because turns out, the pigment is foreign to what is supposed to be in the body)

Now, as far as the nerves in the dermis.

You have nerves in the epidermis, and below, the pain that comes from tattooing is from the epidermis letting your body know that you are getting cut, slightly, 1000’s of times.

if you are getting a small tattoo, the pain feels like someone has really heavy duty sand paper and is barely brushing it on the skin, honestly, I am a wimp when it comes to pain, and any tattoo under 3 hours doesn’t phase me at all.

After the 3 hour mark, and the adreneline begins to fade, then your skin can become sore and tender.

Luckily, the team at the Tattoo Shop Mobile takes extra care of pain and has topical creams that make the tattoo feel virtually painless, and can be applied multiple times depending on how your pain tolerance is

With all of that being said, here is what our policy is on for first time tattoo clients

1. Don’t pick anything HUGE for your first tattoo

Something small, meaningful, is the best move for your first tattoo

2. If you want something big, don’t sit for longer than 6 hours for your first tattoo.

Although we do offer discounts for longer chair times, if it is your first one the money you save isn’t worth the pain you will feel when you aren’t expecting it. 

3. Make sure whatever you want, you love

Just a friendly reminder for your first tattoo… Tattoo’s are permenant. So picking a recent boyfriend/girlfriend’s name is a great way to show love, or smacking a monster logo on your calf might be cool, it also might be better to think twice about what you want.

If you are ready for your first tattoo, the Mobile Tattoo Shop is ready to take your Tattoo idea, to Tattoo masterpiece. Simply call: (251) 302-1386